Hybrid Service

In person and livestreamed

When we say “hybrid” service, we mean a worship service that will be both live-streamed and in-person simultaneously. People will be in the sanctuary as that service is live-streamed online.


As we begin, it’s good to keep in mind that there are many rules to keep our gathering in line with COVID safety precautions and mandates for Oregon. There are technology challenges in achieving this type of service too. So we are working diligently to figure out how to have a meaningful service for those staying online, and for those who show up to our building. 


The service will be from 10:30am-11:30am. You will have the option to sign up for this in-person service, with 30 people allowed in each worship gathering. Please RSVP HERE.


The service will have times that are interactive. Members of our congregation who are not present in the sanctuary will still be able to have roles on-screen. And in that service, we will also have times of interacting with the live chat in real-time as we worship. You could even take out your phone and chat with those who are worshiping from home! In fact, we encourage it!

Plan to Attend?
Things to keep in mind....

 -You will need to RSVP with your party size.

We’ll provide a link with how to do that. Parties are not permitted to rearrange upon your arrival. Parties cannot be larger than 10 people.

Use the link below to register your attendance:



 -You will need to wear a face covering and maintain 6 foot distancing from those outside your party the entire time you are on the church property. A mask is required outdoors only if you are conversing with those outside your party. 


 -The restrooms will be open, but use will be one-at-a-time. There is a disc on the door that you can turn to show that the restroom is occupied or vacant. Restrooms and all facilities will be cleaned before and after every worship gathering. 


 -There will be no communal singing in the worship service, but  perhaps one or two worship team members will sing from the platform each week, while masked, as a prelude to the “call to worship.” Our team will also incorporate instrumental hymns and praise songs into the worship gathering throughout. Admission into the sanctuary and the music will begin about 15 minutes before the worship gathering (around 10:15).


 -At the end of worship, your party will be dismissed, one at a time. You are free to converse outdoors, but remain masked with 6 foot distance with those outside your party. 


 -Extensive cleaning of the used spaces (sanctuary, restrooms, high-traffic surfaces, any touchable surfaces) will take place before and after each worship experience. 


 -Stay home if you aren’t feeling well!


As we figure out all these details, we will communicate with you and let you know more!


So...it’s a bit different than the last time we met in the sanctuary! But we are striving to make it meaningful, interactive, inclusive, and worshipful. 


And whether you participate in-person in the sanctuary or continue to worship with us from the comfort of your own home, I look forward to worshiping with you!


~ Pastor Dylon Brown