Children and Youth Ministries

At Newberg Nazarene, we value and integrate our children and youth into every aspect of church life. Our children and youth participate regularly in Sunday morning worship, whether it's in the worship team, scripture reading, leading prayers, or by volunteering in our tech ministry.

Our Nursery is available every Sunday for babies and toddlers who need special care and attention. Our team of volunteers offers exceptional care to your children so that you can worship with the larger community. Parents are also encouraged to keep their little ones in the worship service if that is what feels more comfortable. Please feel free to do what is best for your family.

Children are welcomed into the Sunday worship service for music, scripture reading, and prayer. They are then dismissed to Children's Church for lessons that are tailored specifically to their age. On the first Sunday of the month, children are welcome to stay in the sanctuary for Family Sunday. Activity bags are made available on these special days.

Middle School and High School students gather on the first Sunday evening of the month for food, games and activities, and a lesson followed by group prayer. Trained volunteers provide mentorship and support under the supervision of our pastoral team.

Living in Faith Together - LIFT

Intergenerational Sunday School Class

Sunday Mornings 9:30am

Intergenerational ministry can energize churches by bringing at least two different generations together. It empowers those who gather to invest in God, their faith, and the faith of others. 

Each Sunday morning session begins with Gathering Together and then moves through the four components of the Early Church with all parts connected by a common theme.

  • Breaking Bread Together - When we eat together, we can build relationships through sharing food and conversation.
  • Studying God’s Word Together - We read Scripture together and have cross generational discussions about what God’s Word is saying to each of us. It is important for different generations to learn from each other when interpreting Scripture. 
  • Playing Together - Play comes in many shapes and forms. We may craft, play games, or learn new skills and hobbies. What is important is that we are doing this TOGETHER. It is helpful if this play is non-competitive.
  • Praying together - We worship and praise God through prayer. Prayer comes in lots of different styles and can be done in lots of different ways. Most often we end our time together in prayer.